Ascension Series


This series was born out of the journey through consciousness which we are all experiencing. In this series I illustrate my personal transformation over 2013. In retrospect, the wonderful, painstaking hours of working every line into form was an integral part of that transformation process.

I believe that the meaning is universal, so humbly I illustrate the transformation as I perceive it.

Luka Vogt

First there comes an awareness of our intrinsic connection to nature and the earth, Nimbin Dreaming (2013) Ink on paper 42cm x 29.7cm. I feel myself sinking deeply into Mother Nature's arms. Observation and connection with our Earth teaches us everything we need to know. Look outside and see that one spirit is animating all, and recall that we as humans are not separate from that spirit.

Luka Vogt

Then there comes a sort of explosion, For the Sun (2013) Ink on paper 42cm x 29.7cm. The meteor of realisation crashes and the heart is flooded as it recognises the truth and its consequent bliss. 'It all makes sense.' The vision of mandala and the sacred geometry emerging as organic cells, the sacred and the material are one, the ancient knowledge, the eyes are wide open.

Luka Vogt

And it comes to a profound time, where we know we must turn our attention inward, All is One (2013) Ink on paper 42cm x 29.7cm. Navigating our inner world of darkness, our mind, our spirit, our energy, there comes a growing awareness, of an awareness that is outside ourselves but simultaneously in every cell of our body, and in every animal, rock and tree - I am. We reach the top of the mountain, and prepare to soar.