Collective Mural Ozora


Our Collective Mural - Chambok House, Ozora Festival, Hungary, 2013. The design was made on the spot and my partner Tun Donker and I completed the contours before the festival, and over 5 afternoons during the festival, hundreds of people joined in the colouring. A wonderful success, the photographs cannot describe the beautiful creative energy bubble surrounding the mural, and the incredible glow of the UV colours when the sun went down.

With the collective mural, I created a space for creation. A place for everybody to use their hands, channeling their imagination. Acting as a domain for people to interact on a different level, a dimension of unconcious-to-conscious-mind-to-hand expression, to let go of words and express with colour in any way we choose. We can be for a moment in the meditative freedom that painting can give.

With all the impressions of the festival time, I think it's the perfect time to be inspired. With my lines acting as a conceptual frame, the piece will be integrated and unified, and allows for people of all levels to feel confident to take part, whether it be a calculated geometric design in white space, or simply colouring between the lines. With the wild free expression of all the Ozora people the mural will constantly evolving as more people add their contributions.

Thanks to Jana Eriksson for the beautiful photos.